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Lombricultura de Tenjo invites you to participate in the next Courses


Lombricultura de Tenjo invites to participate in the next Theoretical-Practical Course of vermiculture


It will be held at our premises on Saturday 27 of  July 2019

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Where the participants are technically illustrated as establishing a technologic Lombricultura hatchery.

Km 2.3 Way Tenjo-Tabio, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Seminar – Workshop on the use and production of mycorrhizas for the production of vegetables


It will be held at our premises on Saturday 27 of  October 2018


For more details, write to us info@lombriculturadetenjo.com


Km 2.3 Way Tenjo-Tabio, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Training – Seminars

Lombricultura de Tenjo offers an important space for the training and learning of the best techniques for the establishment of a project of vermiculture-

In the same way, the student will be placed in a real context of the scope of its production and the business potentials of the Lombricultura.

Technical assistance

This service suggests the technical parameters required to establish or improve the production schemes of a Lombricultura Project. This assistance is supported by professionals in the Theme that help the future Lombrictor to find the opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats of the business and thus to initiate in a whole a competitive and sustainable project.

Seminars and Workshops

This service is a space of knowledge where the participants find through a carefully designed agenda all the technical aspects related to the project and in their visit to the Lombricultivo will see practical solutions executable for the production of both granulated vermicompost and liquid humus. This learning model facilitates knowledge and allows the new worms to start designing their own projects very soon. Permanent invitation to all the producers and actors of the Agroindustrial, Academic, Entrepreneurs and community in general to participate actively in the Theoretical – Practical Course of Lombricultura Oficiado in the Productive Unit Lombricultura de Tenjo.

Ecological Pedagogical Visits

Lombricultura de Tenjo among the services it offers its clients offers a visit to its production plant where educational institutions, state organizations or private companies can know what are the processes necessary to obtain the humus, this visit is complemented by a talk about the importance of solid waste management and how this management influences the environment and its conservation motivating the participants in the need to care for and respect nature understanding the forms of protection. Some of the visits include several colleges in Bogotá and the region, as well as the assistance of a group of soldiers of the nation interested in the environment and the experiences of vermiculture in our country.